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          My creative process commences from the relationship I have with my room. Or to use a more favored word, my Boudoir. This allows me to reflect upon how the environment can have the power of shaping people’s state of mind.  I always believe that the idea of one’s room is a microcosmic model of one’s world. It resonates with one’s present and carries the past. How the objects in the room are selected, displayed, and used has the closest bond with one living in it. A boudoir is an intimate place for one’s self-growth and a shelter for the heart. I want to create cherished objects that make the private place feel comfortable, not only to the body but the eyes and the mind. 

          My works revolve around the concept of femininity and female growth: emotionally, physically, and cognitively. I build objects that make the person feel loved, cared for, and embraced.

          The Nostalgic energies carried in the anonymous pieces from previous centuries fascinate me. I am drawn to the elegance and dramatics of the Baroque, the feminine attributions from the Rococo, as well as the art from the aesthetic movement to the Art Nouveau. I like to bring together minimalistic colors with the decorative characteristics from the past movements. I enjoy exploring all kinds of crafts, the clashing between texture and organic forms, and I believe that the meditative process of crafting is crucial in the process of self-reflection.

      I grew up in Shanghai, am a designer who now lives and studies in Providence, RI.

      I am currently studying Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design. I have former experience in restoration of antique furniture. I mainly use wood, ceramics, and metal as medium. I want to convey nostalgic energy and are feminine and elegant in color and forms.

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